We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand at the 16th Colombian Geological Congress!

As you may know

The 16th Colombian Geological Congress, organized by the Colombian Geological Society, was held at the Hotel & Centro de Convenciones Estelar Santamar from August 26th to September 1st 2017 in Santa Marta (Colombia).

We presented our platform to the public

We mainly presented our platform to the public and were able to show visitors, how Geomodelr improves a Geologists workflow by being able to create 3D geological models ONLINE without downloading anything.  That gives freedom and saves time and money. Tons of time and money.

We even had a contest!

Felipe Lamus Ochoa, one of the visitors, won one of our t-shirts.  He was really excited about its price and had fun with us for a bit.

Overall we were very pleased to see and meet people interested in our online platform. It was definitely worth it to meet everyone and be able to talk about interesting geological projects we have done in the past.

Check out the place right before our contest ended!

Those of you who requested information, we’ll be speaking to you in the next few days, thank you for your interest.