Updates to Geomodelr

Pan and zoom with your mouse

Many of our users complained that they had to use the wheel every time they wanted to move around, and that took a long time. Now you can pan by right of middle clicking and dragging the area. You can also zoom in and zoom out by using the mouse wheel. The position and zoom are only updated when the operation ends.

A new search tool for geological studies

You had to browse a lot of geological studies before finding what you where looking for. Also, the map only showed the most relevant public studies and was not updated when you zoomed in to an area of interest. Now you can search public geological studies easily using our search and browse tools. There’s also a new page to search for public studies.


We hope to learn more about your geological needs

Keep in touch with us at support@geomodelr.com or at any of our social networks: 

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