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Export a Hydrogeological Model with Faults to Modflow.

Cells intersected with faults
Conceptual Hydrogeological Model in Geomodelr

Feb 22: Learn how to create a 3D Hydrogeological Model with faults and a complex stratigraphy. 

Export the model directly to Modflow from Geomodelr with hydraulic parameters at the faults. We will use Model Muse as a preprocessor for groundwater flow simulation.

Pathlines of Numerical Hydrogeological Model

Faults introduce permeability heterogeneity and anisotropy in a Hydrogeological Model. Consequently, they have to be treated specially. This has an important impact on groundwater flow, because faults can either be a transmitter or a sealer of fluid flow and consequently can change the result of the simulation.

Geomodelr is able to model faults in order to emulate the displacement of units. It models them as a set of planes that join two lines in the cross sections. Now Geomodelr is also able to export geological faults directly to Modflow models as well as give them specific hydraulic properties. It can also mark them as inactive to seal the flow. This new feature makes Geomodelr a great tool to help geologists trying correctly model groundwater flow.

Our next webinar will give a short introduction to how faults are modeled in Geomodelr. Additionally, it will also introduce you to the new tools to assign hydraulic properties to faults directly.

After watching this webinar you will:

  1. Learn what’s Geomodelr and how can it help you with your groundwater modeling needs.
  2. Learn the difference between a conceptual and a numerical hydrogeological model and what are its main parts.
  3. Be able to create and refine a 3D Hydrogeological Model with faults using Geomodelr.
  4. Be able to export a Hydrogeological Model to Modflow where faults affect discontinuities.
  5. Be able to assign hydraulic properties specifically to the faults to show the differences of the Hydrogeological Model  with faults against the one where hydraulic properties for the faults are not specified.
Numerical Hydrogeological Model in Model Muse
Daniel Giraldo

Daniel Giraldo


Daniel is a Mathematician Engineer and MSc with experience in non-linear earthquakes, plasticity and now hydrogeological modeling. He has created Geomodelr’s hydrogeological module.

Ricardo Serrano

Ricardo Serrano


Ricardo has a Computer Engineering degree, and a Masters degree in Computational Mechanics with emphasis in Geological and Earthquake modeling. He’s the creator and CEO of Geomodelr.

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About Geomodelr:

Geomodelr is the First Web Geological Modeling platform. Its Always Solid Modeling algorithm is able to reproduce the most complex behaviors of geology without the effort involved in CAD programs. In particular, as the model is Always Solid, Geomodelr is perfect for groundwater modeling, because all structures play a role. They can be either zones that can transport and store water or as impermeable zones. 

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