A very beautiful region of Colombia, very important for the oil and gas industry. It has sedimentary rocks and three different tectonic environments. You can read more here.

Geomodelr Tutorial

The videos are much shorter than the originals and will take you to have a 3D model in much less time. 

We did not have boreholes for Tauramena, so we added a tutorial explicitly to showcase boreholes using the model from 

The following are the different tutorials available in Geomodelr.

  1. Introduction: How the tutorial is divided and what’s Geomodelr.
  2. Getting Started with Geomodelr: How to upload files, add collaborators, georeference images.
  3. Georeferencing your Model: How to set up a Geomodelr model to be useful.
  4. Edit your Geological Map: How to use the basic operations of the geological editor.
  5. Edit your First Cross Section: How to use the geological editor to edit a cross section.
  6. Use Interpolation to Refine your Model: How to refine your geological model using interpolation.
  7. Create Visualizations and View Everything in 3D: How to create block diagrams, triangulations, etc.
  8. Use Boreholes: This tutorial will use a different setting to show how to load and visualize boreholes.
  9. Write Articles and Presentations about your Studies: Create presentations ready for your customers or partners to view.
  10. List of Permissions for Studies: A full list of permissions to work with studies. If you need to know what role to give someone, please come here.

have fun with the new tutorial

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